Complex Systems, Statistical Mechanics and Machine Learning Crossover (in Memory of Giovanni Paladin)

March 24, 2024 - March 29, 2024
Concepts and tools from statistical mechanics are nowadays used in a massive way in many different contexts, from fluid mechanics to biology and even in field far from physics. Moreover, recent advances in computational capabilities have opened up a large use of algorithms mainly based on information theory to build from data models, more or less extensively. Yet, many of the present applications using statistical tools are far from the original framework of the statistical mechanics, and the possible impact of advanced computer science tools and most notably deep learning in building data-driven model is not yet clear. Such new approaches deserve an assessment. It would be important even to clarify which are the main issues to be addressed in the next years.??From the physical point of view, the workshop focuses on complex dynamical systems, with emphasis on turbulent ones, that is where spatio-temporal chaos is exhibited. Yet, recent developments in other non-equilibrium systems will be also considered. In
This session is organized by :
Sergio CHIBBARO, LISN, Université Paris-Saclay
Angelo VULPIANI, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università degli studi di Roma

More information can be found on the session's website.
Published on  October 3, 2023
Updated on  October 3, 2023