2020 Prize: Juan Martin Maldacena

Juan Martin Maldacena is an Argentinian physicist born in Buenos Aires in 1968. He is internationally known for his work on quantum gravity, string theory and quantum field theory. He has proposed a duality between gauge theories and quantum field theories elucidating various aspects of both theories. In the large N limit, He has established a connection between black holes and the quark deconfinement transition. Maldacena’s work has impacted many other fields of physics, including condensed matter Physics, QCD, cosmology and quantum information theory. Since 2001, Juan Maldacena has lectured three times at the les Houches Physics school.
French Academy of Sciences award

Juan Maldacena is professor at Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton

Juan Martin Maldacena
Published on  November 25, 2020
Updated on December 20, 2021