Summer School: Dark Matter

Summer school
July 26, 2021 - August 20, 2021
Dark Matter is the substance that fills about 26% of the total budget of the Universe and that accounts for about 80% of the matter. By its very nature the topic lies at the intersection of different research fields: astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental particle physics. A coordinated approach among different disciplines is hence crucial to make progress. This School aims to to train the next generation of young researchers in the field with two main guidelines: 1) starting from the basics, with no theoretical (or experimental) prejudice; 2) making the most of the interdisciplinarity of the topic.
This Summer School is organized by:

Marco CIRELLI, LPTHE, CNRS & Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
Babette DÖBRICH, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Jure ZUPAN, University of Cincinnati, USA

More information can be found on the School's Website.

To download the School's Poster please click HERE.

The applications are now closed.

The total registration fee including housing and meals is 1 992,00 € (VAT included).
Depending on Grants we may obtain in the next few months, we may be able to offer Fellowships to selected participants.
Financial Assistance may be requested while applying.

Due to the Sanitary Measures and Social Distancing Guidelines from the government, unfortunately spouses/visitors are not allowed on the School until further notice, therefore we cannot accommodate them anymore. We thank you for your understanding.

Please note that answers to applicants will be given by the end of April.
Published on  November 27, 2020
Updated on  October 7, 2021