Doctoral Training: Ultracold Molecules: Quantum Physics and Applications => CANCELLED

Training session
October 5, 2020 - October 16, 2020
The training school is devoted to the field of Ultracold Matter which has flourished these past years into a very diverse and active community worldwide. The school aims at gathering PhD students of many different countries and offering a high-level training program. The first week is devoted to background lectures on the general aspects of ultracold atomic physics. The second week focuses this year on the growing field of ultracold molecules and their quantum applications.
Session organized by:

Goulven QUEMENER, Laboratoire Aimé Cotton,  Université Paris-Sud, CNRS, France
Juliette BILLY, Laboratoire Collisions Agrégats Réactivité, CNRS, Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, France
Philippe VERKERK, Laboratoire de physique des lasers, atomes et molécules (PhLAM), CNRS, Université Lille 1, France
Nadia BOULOUFA, Laboratoire Aimé Cotton,  Université Paris-Sud, CNRS, France

More information can be found on the Session's Website.
Published on  December 10, 2019
Updated on  August 13, 2020