Loup Verlet

On  June 14, 2019
May 24th 1931 - June 13th 2019

L'Ecole de Physique des Houches mourns the loss of renowned physicist Loup Verlet. Loup was a French physicist who pioneered the computer simulation of molecular dynamics models. In a famous 1967 paper he used what is now known as Verlet integration (a method for the numerical integration of equations of motion) and the Verlet list (a data structure that keeps track of each molecule's immediate neighbors in order to speed computer calculations of molecule to molecule interactions). He received his Ph.D. in 1957; he was a student of Victor Weisskopf. From 1957 to 1993 he worked mostly on the physics of the liquid state. He attended the first Summer School in Les Houches in 1951, he was married with one of Cécile Morette-DeWitt's sister, Marianne.
Published on  June 14, 2019
Updated on  July 11, 2019