Novel Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Many-Body Dynamics

August 25, 2024 - August 30, 2024
The understanding of quantum non-equilibrium dynamics is relevant not only as an open question in modern theoretical physics, but also one of the pillars in the push to develop new quantum technologies. This workshop aims at bringing together researchers from two currently very active subfields: one dealing with the emergence of hydrodynamic description in unitary dynamics, while the other focuses on the interplay between unitarity and external monitoring and dissipative interactions.
This session is organized by :
Jacopo DE NARDIS, LPTM Cergy Paris Université
Jérôme DUBAIL, CNRS et Université de Lorraine, Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie Théorique
Katja KLOBAS, The University of Nottingham
Romain VASSEUR, Department of Physics, University of Massachusetts
More information can be found on the session's website.
Published on  October 3, 2023
Updated on  October 3, 2023