Doctoral Training: Quantum Information Spring School - Near Term Quantum Processors and Simulators

Training session
May 2, 2022 - May 13, 2022
This pre-doctoral school will cover several aspects of quantum simulation and computation from fundamental principles to applications. Starting from broad tutorials on many-body physics, atomic and solid state quantum simulators, we will review in-depth the recent technology breakthroughs and the most promising theoretical approaches. Several seminars will be given by industrial partners and practical work on programming a quantum computer will be proposed.
This Doctoral Training is organized by:

Antoine BROWAEYS, Institut d'Optique, Palaiseau, France
Quentin GLORIEUX, LKB - Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
Nicolas TREPS, LKB - QICS, Paris, France
Mattia WALSCHAERS, LKB - CNRS, Paris, France

More information can be found on the Session's Website.
Published on  November 10, 2021
Updated on  November 18, 2021