Doctoral Training: Son et Lumière 2019, Wave Interactions at the Nanoscale

March 11, 2019 - March 22, 2019
This manifestation will constitute the 7th edition of the Son et Lumière international school devoted to nanophononics, a multidisciplinary research field aiming at studying vibrations (phonons) in systems with a nanometric size or structuration, as well as their interaction with light and other waves. The two main goals of the school are to favor interactions between the different communities involved in nanophononics (optics, acoustics, thermal transfer, optomechanics, …) and to provide a detailed overview of this field for young researchers.
Session organized by:

Aurélien CRUT, Institut Lumière Matière, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, FR   

Matias BARGHEER, Institut für Physik und Astronomie,  Potsdam University, Germany        

Pascal RUELLO, Institut des Molécules et Matériaux du Mans, Universté le Mans, FR     
Yannick GUILLET, Institut de Mécanique et d’Ingénierie, Université de Bordeaux,FR

For more information, please check the session website.

Published on  October 26, 2018
Updated on  August 12, 2020