Ultracold quantum matter

June 17, 2018 - June 22, 2018
Quantum mechanics is the basis of our understanding of the microscopic world. It is also central to the collective behavior of matter at low temperatures, leading to properties that defy our intuition. In 2013, the ERC has awarded a Synergy grant to the teams of E. Altman, I. Bloch, J. Dalibard and P. Zoller for taking this research field to a new level, using the most recent advances in the control of atomic and molecular systems. This meeting will give the opportunity to all members of these teams to gather and pursue their collaborative work, and to exchange with other guest leading scientists of this field.
Session organized by:

Jérôme BEUGNON, LKB, ENS, Paris, France
Jean DALIBARD, LKB, ENS, Paris, France
Sylvain NASCIMBENE, LKB, ENS, Paris, France
Published on  November 14, 2017
Updated on  June 5, 2024