Doctoral training: Ultracold Fermions

Training session
October 1, 2018 - October 12, 2018
The field of ultracold atoms has flourished into a very diverse and active community, involving hundreds of laboratories worldwide. Ultracold atoms are now commonly seen as a platform to study quantum phenomenon -- from molecular to many-body physics -- and to perform high-precision measurements. This school will gather early graduate students and focus on the physics of ultracold Fermi gases. The school will also, following the established tradition, offer a serie of lectures on general aspects on cold atoms physics.
Session organized by:

Frédéric CHEVY, LKB, ENS, CNRS, Collège de France, UPMC, Paris, FR
Mathilde FOUCHE, Institut de Physique de Nice, Université Côte d’Azur, CNRS, FR
Fabrice GERBIER, LKB, ENS, CNRS, Collège de France, UPMC, Paris, FR
Philippe VERKERK, PhLAM, CNRS, Université Lille 1, France

For more information, please check the session's website.
Published on  November 15, 2017
Updated on  August 13, 2020