Waves in Complex Media - from Theory to Practice => CANCELLED

April 13, 2020 - April 24, 2020
The physics of waves in complex media is especially important for biomedical imaging, photonics, or atom optics to give a few examples. Such applications are also strongly connected with fundamental wave phenomena such as Anderson localization and mathematical tools going from probability to random matrix theory. The objective of this school is to gather the best international specialists of the field able to give solid bases on wave control, transport and imaging in complex media, paying a particular attention to the analogies between different types of waves and materials.
Session organized by:

Alexandre AUBRY, Institut Langevin, Paris, France
Nicolas CHERRORET, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, UPMC, Paris, France
Sylvain GIGAN, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, ENS, France
Published on  December 3, 2019
Updated on  June 5, 2024